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Water Experiment

South Lake Water Experiment

The South Lake Club has performed some testing on the South Lake water and the experiment and results are detailed below.

Four ~50 gallon barrels were filled with surface South Lake Water in the afternoon of 7/3/10.

Initially all four barrels had the same appearance as the control barrel. The barrels were marked from left to right: Ozone O3, Control, Copper Sulfate CUSO4 and ALUM.

At approximately 6:30 pm 7/3/10 testing began:

1) 5 gms of Copper Sulfate were completely dissolved in a 16 cup of water from the CUSO4 barrel and poured in while stirring.

2) 20 gms of Alum were dissolved in 16 oz of water from the Alum barrel and poured in while stirring.

3) An ozonator with air pump and airstone delivery system was put into the Ozone test barrel.

4) The Control barrel was left untreated

Initial Observations:

The Copper Sulfate Barrel lost its brown color within minutes. It obtained a light blue color.

The Alum Barrel was observed to initiate flocculation

The Ozone barrel and Control had no immediate changes.

After ~3 hours:

The Control was unchanged. Brownish yellow with low clarity.

The Copper Sulfate was still light blue with low clarity.

The Alum was slightly clearer and lighter, but still brownish yellow. With suspended flocks.

The Ozone was clearer and less brown.

After ~15 hours at 10 am 7/4/10 photographs were taken and these are the final results.

The Ozone had was completely colorless and clarity had improved to almost see a rock at the bottom of the barrel.

The control was unchanged and brown with low clarity.

The Copper Sulfate had remained light blue and clarity did not improve. Water had a cloudy look

The Alum had flocced and settled resulting in improved clarity, but still had a brown appearance. An accumulation of settled flocking was barely observed at the bottom.


Conclusions: 1) The brownish color of the South Lake is not the result of suspended inorganic material (clay) as reported by Dr. Amalfi. 2) The brownish color is organic material that can be killed or neutralized by an algaecide(Copper Sulfate) or Ozone treatment. 3) The Alum treatment recommended by Dr Amalfi would not remove the brownish color. It would improve clarity.

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