South Lake Club


Cans For Carp Recycling Program

The South Lake Club is asking the residents and businesses in the Garden Lakes area to save, bag & drop off their aluminum beverage cans. The aluminum cans will be recycled and the proceeds will be used to fund South Lake Club Activities. The South Lake Club is a non-profit organization that runs parades, hosts community events and is proactive in cleaning and maintaining the South Lake!

Recycling Program Details

Aluminum cans must be empty & free of contamination. Please! No food, paper, plastic, styrofoam or anything that is not an aluminum can! We accept all aluminum cans crushed or not, but it is easier for us if they are already crushed.

Put your cans in a sealable plastic bag (a trash bag or lawn & leaf bag or kitchen bag) and seal it! Drop it off at 11010 W Clover Way, or email us for a pick up at

What Do You Get For Going Through All This Trouble?

The aluminum cans will be brought to recycling centers and the proceeds will be used to fund South Lake Club activities!

The South Lake Is Avondales's largest man-made lake. For the past 5 or so years it has been troubled by various problems adversely affecting its health. These problems require attention and funding to resolve. If we can get enough of Avondale to give us their empty aluminum cans, we can improve water quality, stock more happy fish and enjoy the South Lake even more!!



          Click Here To View & Print: Your Own Cans For Carp Flyer!

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