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The South Lake Club is a non-profit corporation for the improvement of the quality of South Lake and its community.

South Lake Club Story

The South Lake Club was started in August 2009 by homeowners on the South Lake. South Lake is a man-made lake situated in Avondale Arizona.

Focus Items: The South Lake Club management votes every month to focus on two issues to try to get them resolved.

  1. Request Ample 2010 Budget Funding For Dr. Amalfi's South Lake Action Plan.
  2. Stopping Chronic Duck Feeding.

Cans For Carp Recycling Program!

The South Lake Club Is asking all of Garden Lakes to save all their empty aluminum cans, bag them and drop them off at our collection areas!

The aluminum cans will be brought to recycling centers and the proceeds will be used to fund South Lake Club activities!

          Click Here To View & Print: Your Own Cans For Carp Flyer!

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